Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things I Overhear on Campus

Two girls talking over lunch: The Provo Temple looks like a spaceship. It's not cute at all!

I personally think that the Provo Temple looks like a cupcake with an candle on top

A girl telling her friend about her mission call to Toronto: Toronto is near New York right?

My professor talking about how gasoline is highly taxed in California: I wish that I were a young single man in California. Then when I would take a young fox on a date I could tell her that because gas is so expensive that we can't drive so then we'll just have to sit in the car and fog up the  windows. 

Girl at the nail salon: Your boyfriend served his mission in the Philippines? So he speaks Spanish then?

It's all golden and I love it

Now we can talk about incredibly silly things I've done the past few weeks:

-Walked into the wrong classroom, sat down, and pulled out my books. The professor told me that they were having a class in that room and that I had to leave. I don't think I've ever turned to red.
-Discovering in yoga that I had terrible balance. Enough said.
-Forgetting my new phone number every time someone asks for it.

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