Wednesday, March 23, 2011

End of Semester Blues

The last two weeks of the semester are what I refer to as "Heck week".

Heck week is one continuous nightmare of studying and papers.

It is no sleep and unhealthy food

It is when 'home' becomes the library

It is when you are grumpy but can't show it

It is when you know that it will all be over soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me)

Pirates of the the Caribbean is my absolute favorite ride at Disneyland. I absolutely adore it! I love to watch and listen to all of the 'characters' on the ride and sometimes I forget that they aren't real! I own an insane amount of pirates merchandise from the gift shop outside of the ride. My favorite being a flag with a skull on it that says 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. The first time I moved away from home to go to school I took the flag off my wall so I could move it to my apartment. My mom walked into my room after I did this and commented that my room looked empty without it.

Lately I've been dreaming lots about Pirates of the Caribbean and couldn't figure out why. Then it occurred to me tonight. I missed Pirates of the Caribbean's birthday! The ride was officially opened at Disneyland on March 18th, 1967.

So without further delay:
Happy 44th Birthday Pirates of the Caribbean!
You make my life better everyday!
Love, Dana

Friday, March 11, 2011

Has Spring Finally Arrived?

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and it rained last night. This can only mean one thing:

No more frozen toes, fingers, or noses!
No more wearing a scar wherever I go!
No more wool socks!

In other news....

I had quite the little saga happen this week with my purple computer. On Sunday night when I plugged in my computer to charge nothing happened! Worst feeling ever. As a student my laptop is extremely important to me. I think I would die without it. So I spent Sunday night running around the house testing every outlet to see if my changer works in any of them. After much distress I found an outlet that the bathroom. Ya, not cool. Unfortionatly it only worked momentarily, and I was left with no way to charge my purple computer.

On Monday Drizzle drove me over to Radio Shack to see if they had a charger that would work for my computer. they did but it was $100. So we ended up going to Best Buy in Idaho Falls to get a charger there. The sales people assured me that the charger they had would work with my computer, so I bought it. With eagerness when I got home I tried out the new charger and it worked! The only catch was the it only POWERED my purple computer, it would not CHARGE it. Having to constantly be plugged into a wall is no good, sometimes there just isn't an outlet around to plug your laptop into!

I finally ended up calling Dell and had a lovely conversation with a person in India who had poor English skills. Despite the language barrier I was able to order a new charger. It arrived yesterday and works perfectly. Crises over!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekend in Provo

A few weekends ago I went to go visit Sheilagh in Provo. I left Saturday morning at 5:00 in the morning, and after a very long cold bus ride I arrived in Provo. It was a bit rainy, but Sheilagh's roommate lent us umbrellas.

We waked around the BYU campus and saw lots of cool things, like the bell tower

And fun signs

Sheilagh also took me for lunch at Cafe Rio. It was soooo good!

It was a fantastic weekend that (like all weekends) ended too soon!