Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In Humanities we watched this Mormon Message entitled create.

I love how it concludes with President Uchtdorf saying that the closer with are with the spirit the greater our capacity will be to create.

“I hear it’s kinda weird in here. Can I take a look around?”

Since we live in the wheelchair accessible apartment our layout is different from all of the other apartments, we don't have cabinets under our sinks,the counters are lower, and our bathrooms are bigger.

The other day we had a girl over and she said, “I hear it’s kinda weird in here. Can I take a look around" I have to agree with her, it is kinda weird in here, but its not the floor plan, its the people, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Think of the Happiest Things, It's the Same as Having Wings

Tuesday is Devotional day!

Walking home from Devotional it was super cold. I decided that I am going to wear Sunday clothes to devotional, and was severely regretting this on my way home. I noted that people were stopping to let a car turn out on to the road, and naturally thought this ridiculous since pedestrians always have the right of way. I continued walking, not allowing the car to turn on to the roadway. I shot a glance at the driver of the car, and to my dismay saw it was President Clark and his wife! No wonder people were stopping to let them turn!

Monday, January 11, 2010


My math class wasn't challenging enough so I switched in to a more difficult one. I had to go buy I new textbook for the class and on my way to the bookstore 2 people said good morning to me. I love living in a place where everyone is so friendly. I got to the bookstore and BINGO! They had my book, it's a used damaged book so I got it for ghetto cheep, but when I got to the checkout I realized that I had forgotten my wallet in my purse at home. The cashier was really understating, and even set my book aside so I could just come back and quickly pay.

In my math class my teacher didn't have an extra course syllabus for me, and I didn't have time between Math and Humanities to run to his office and get one. I wasn't too worried about it. I was just going the assignment off of my roommate who is also taking the same class. Near the end of class the girl sitting behind me tapped on my shoulder, and handed me a note. She had written out today's AND all of the assignments I had missed the first two days of class! It was honestly the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. I cant believe that she remembered that I didn't have a syllabus, and took the time while the professor was lecturing to write everything out.

You can see on the picture of the note that some of the assignments are EOO, it stands for Evey Other Odd. She Even wrote the every other odds up to 21 for me! This girl went above and beyond, she didn't have to do this for me at all. Her actions were truly Christlike. I was told that BYU-I is a disciple training center. I encountered many of these disciples today. I feel so blessed to be here.