Sunday, May 12, 2013

a post for my mom

I love my mom. It's not a secret. For as long as a can remember we've been incredibly close and I always look forward to taking to her-or even better spending time with her. We share a mutual love of Disneyland, a weakness for clothing from Banana Republic, and the exact same laugh. As a result she's pretty much my best friend. Sometimes people tell me that I'm just like her and I consider that to be a enormous complement.

My mom has:
been my mentor for my job and taught me how to be the very best I can be
taught me how to make the world beautiful
been a great example of service to me, and it the most dedicated visiting teacher I have ever met
encouraged me though almost four years of university, and even supported me in doing a study abroad half way across the world

Love you lots mom!

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