Monday, November 19, 2012


Monday is probably my favorite day of the week, work always seems to go better on Mondays. I think it might be that over the weekend I have time to recharge and am able to come in with new fresh perspectives on Monday. I seriously love my job though. I feel so blessed to have found at career so early in my 20's.

Home Evening is also another highlight of the day. Tonight we went to the mall and played 'Where's Waldo.' We had a list of about 10 people that we had to find. Some of the 'Waldo's' costumes were so good. It's a good think that my other group members have better observation skills than me because I probably wouldn't have found anyone.

It have become a tradition with my friends to go buy a pizza after Home Evening. I always feel sick after I eat pizza {I still eat it all the time though} but I love just stilling in a classroom and talking with everyone.

Now I'm home listening to 'Sweet Nothing'. Calvin Harris hasn't been this good since he teamed up with Ellie Goulding. Him and Florence Welch make a great team.

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