Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Went to Bear World

After driving past it for years every time I went to Idaho Falls I finally got to visit Bear World this past weekend. I'm normally not a zoo person because I feel bad for all of the animals. (I have written multiple research papers about the benefits of zoos and do understand the good they do. Particularly for endangered species.) Bear World was cool though because it was a slightly more natural setting where you would drive your car through and spot the bears along the way. They also had a gift shop filled with every Idaho souvenir known to man,a petting zoo, and two small enclosures that each contained three bear cubs. The petting zoo contained the most darling ugly/cure pig ever and I make me feel a little guilty about the bacon I had for breakfast that morning. The bear cubs were so playful and I watched them until I got too cold and had to go inside.

 I took a little bit, but I convinced the pig to be my friend

 I know the pictures don't show it, but theses guys were so playful and tons of fun to watch

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