Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Emails From My Dad

My Dad has a great sense of humor that I really appreciate, here are some excerpts from some of his emails that made me laugh.

On company logos

"...And while I’m on the subject of what’s clever, I really like the Monster energy drink logo, which is an “M” made of jagged claw marks.  It shows excellent imagination and is original and memorable.  (Ha!  Compare that to the Gap logo.)"

On the car that my brother and I share

"Yep, we just can't agree on anything about the old Honda, not even its name. And you think it's yours, Steven thinks it's his, and the license and registration say it's mine. (So, if we ever wind up fighting about it in court, I know who's gonna win! Ha ha!"

On Cafe Rio V. Baja Fresh

Today we had lunch at Baja Fresh, and I loved it! I thought it was much better than Cafe Rio. Great food, generous portions, and a fresh salsa bar that was excellent. It even had fresh mango salsa.

But, your mother doesn't agree with me and says Cafe Rio is better, so now we have marital difficulties. Ha ha! We'll have to agree to disagree.

On how great Jerusalem and iphones are

Well, keep havin' great adventures on the other side of the world! Believe me, we're definitely getting vicarious thrills ourselves.Today I was thinking that this has been even better for you than I thought it would be - and I knew it would be great!

Much love,

- Dad

PS: Woo hoo! You are going to love your iPhone! That's another thing that's even better than I imagined.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Went to Bear World

After driving past it for years every time I went to Idaho Falls I finally got to visit Bear World this past weekend. I'm normally not a zoo person because I feel bad for all of the animals. (I have written multiple research papers about the benefits of zoos and do understand the good they do. Particularly for endangered species.) Bear World was cool though because it was a slightly more natural setting where you would drive your car through and spot the bears along the way. They also had a gift shop filled with every Idaho souvenir known to man,a petting zoo, and two small enclosures that each contained three bear cubs. The petting zoo contained the most darling ugly/cure pig ever and I make me feel a little guilty about the bacon I had for breakfast that morning. The bear cubs were so playful and I watched them until I got too cold and had to go inside.

 I took a little bit, but I convinced the pig to be my friend

 I know the pictures don't show it, but theses guys were so playful and tons of fun to watch

Sunday, May 12, 2013

a post for my mom

I love my mom. It's not a secret. For as long as a can remember we've been incredibly close and I always look forward to taking to her-or even better spending time with her. We share a mutual love of Disneyland, a weakness for clothing from Banana Republic, and the exact same laugh. As a result she's pretty much my best friend. Sometimes people tell me that I'm just like her and I consider that to be a enormous complement.

My mom has:
been my mentor for my job and taught me how to be the very best I can be
taught me how to make the world beautiful
been a great example of service to me, and it the most dedicated visiting teacher I have ever met
encouraged me though almost four years of university, and even supported me in doing a study abroad half way across the world

Love you lots mom!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things I Overhear on Campus

Two girls talking over lunch: The Provo Temple looks like a spaceship. It's not cute at all!

I personally think that the Provo Temple looks like a cupcake with an candle on top

A girl telling her friend about her mission call to Toronto: Toronto is near New York right?

My professor talking about how gasoline is highly taxed in California: I wish that I were a young single man in California. Then when I would take a young fox on a date I could tell her that because gas is so expensive that we can't drive so then we'll just have to sit in the car and fog up the  windows. 

Girl at the nail salon: Your boyfriend served his mission in the Philippines? So he speaks Spanish then?

It's all golden and I love it

Now we can talk about incredibly silly things I've done the past few weeks:

-Walked into the wrong classroom, sat down, and pulled out my books. The professor told me that they were having a class in that room and that I had to leave. I don't think I've ever turned to red.
-Discovering in yoga that I had terrible balance. Enough said.
-Forgetting my new phone number every time someone asks for it.