Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what happens when you forget to log out of your gmail on a public computer

Subject: From You To You

Dana! Its you, I mean me but really you but from the future! Using the advanced technology discovered 30 years from now, I am sending you an email... from 40 years in the future. I want to tell you about what you can expect in life and what to watch out for. If I timed this correctly, you are currently doing your study abroad in Jerusalem. If so, don't eat the nutella! In the future, we have discovered tha nutella is just as addictive as smoking and that it causes cancer and stuff. Do eat the french toast though, we now know that 1 slice of french toast is like eating 10 viatim pills. Oh! This is important to. When Harper introduces the legislation on legalizing velicraptor cloing, VOTE NO! I don't have the time to tell you the probably that causes in 10 years. But about your life, you will probably want to know who you marry. I'll answer that with two words: Latin Spice (you go girl!). Take all the Latin ballroom you can so your hips don't lie at your recpetion. And guess what! All your childhood dream job will come true! You'll become Canada's most reknown cat massager. You'll be so happy. Have a great life little me!

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