Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tel Aviv

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day in Tel Aviv Israel.  I almost didn't go because I wanted to spend a large chunk of the day studying. I realized that I was being lame sauce and decided to go to Tel Aviv. Best decision ever!

We were to excited to be at the beach

We found a playground made up entirely of gym equipment. This is me on the elliptical. 
The stumbled upon 'The Wishing Bridge. It was really cute they had all of the zodiac sings on the bridge and you were supposed to put your hand on you zodiac sign and make a wish. It was really cute. The bridge also had a great view of the Mediterranean Sea.
 My zodiac sign on the Wishing Bridge 
 This was the highlight of  the day. Me and four other people rented bikes and rode right along the beach. It was amazing!
Then we watched the sunset and it was perfect. 

Way more fun than studying.

The End.

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