Sunday, February 12, 2012


On Friday night I went  to Idaho Falls with my lovely roommates were we consumed burgers at Five Guys, window shopped at the mall, and then went to go see The Vow. I'm still now sure how I felt about The Vow, I felt the the entire movie built up to a moment that never happened, but I also thought that the ending of the movie was super cute.

On Saturday I went out for Thai food with my best friend. When we were eating this guy walked up us and asked us what we has ordered, because he thought it looked good. Talk about awkward!

I also tried to dedicate a large chunk of time to homework on Saturday, but it didn't go too well. For my first two years of college I have done a pretty good job of keeping up on my homework, and have been able to spend hours everyday in library getting all of my work done. I was also attached to my day planer and wrote all of my assignments in it religiously. Now it feels like my focus has thrown window. After about 20 minutes in the library I start to think about when I can go home, and have become a master procrastinator. It's driving me crazy! I feel like I have switched from one extreme to another! Does anyone have any ideas to help me focus?

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