Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things That Were Awesome This Week

This weeks list of awesomeness

1. This picture

2. My new phone. I have finally joined the world of  smartphones. Yay Dana!
3. My new job. I love my job so much. I'm pretty sure my workplace is all of the happiness in the world condensed into a small bubble. Everyone I work with is so happy and nice, and I get to go outside when I work. Also it is socially acceptable to wear shorts and sandals so I have started wearing shorts to work. It's a dream!
4. Getting to eat at Peters'. It is the best burger and milkshake joint in the city. It was delicious and I got to enjoy it with my entire family!

5. Only having a four day workweek. We got Monday off because it was Heritage Day. Although I am loving my new job it is exhausting. Pushing wheelchairs is hard work! I am so happy it's the weekend.
6. Having a client that I worked with tell me that that I spent with her was the best day of her entire life. Although I don't think that is entirely true it was the sweetest thing EVER and I am so glad that she had a good day.
7. Institute. I have never liked institute but I decided to try it out this summer. It is the best part of my week. Institute is awesome. I love that midweek I can come and be spiritually uplifted.
8.  The letter I got from my friend.

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