Thursday, July 28, 2011

Observations About Being Home

The following is a list of things that have been of interest to me since I have been home:

My family got me the most adorable birthday cake of life
{The fact the Hooray was Deliberately misspelled makes the cake more awesome}

I now how the ability to hear the accent that Canadians have with their O's. Particularly when people say hello to me. I have thought that multiple people who have said hello to me have a German accent, this interesting me so I talk to them more and then realize that I am just hearing a boring Canadian accent.
{Yay for lederhosen}
Ikea now has stuffed toys that are shaped like vegetables. I think mothers everywhere are rejoicing.
{Maybe if a child has a toy shaped like broccoli they will want to eat it? I mean real broccoli not the toy.}

After a year in a half of searching I have found the leather jacket of my dreams. When I saw the jacket the heavens opened and a choir of angels started to sing. This abruptly stopped when the store didn't have my size. My wallet is happy about this, my closet is not. 
{The lining of this jacket is striped. Could it be any more perfect?}

My head might explode if I hear Katy Perry's Last Friday Night again
{This is the face I make whenever the song comes of the radio. I feel your pain Katy}

My optometrist told me that all my studying has wrecked my eyesight. I am not happy about my poor vision, but am glad that I finally have an excuse to get new glasses 

{See above photo for the glasses I plan to get. They will look super cool with my nonexistent leather jacket}

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  1. oh my goodness, that cake is TOO darling!! i also love those veggie toys and i want to see a picture of you in your new glasses! i bet you'll be stylin even more than you already are!