Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garage Sales

You know those people who find incredibly awesome things at ridiculously low prices at garage sales? I am not one of those people. Every garage sale I have ever looked at has consisted mostly of old knickknacks and unused exercise equipment. To make garage sales more interesting my Dad has come up with a list of things that he wants to buy from a garage sale. It is so good that I can't resit sharing it!

Item 1: Devo Hat

Item 2: Kit Kat Clock

Item 3: Hamburger Phone

Item 4: Leg Lamp

If anyone sees any of these things at a garage sale please let me know. 


  1. Dana, if anyone ever finds the cat clock at a garage sale I'll be a bit ticked...because I bought one brand new for Neil (about $75) at the Cat House store here in Calgary!! Alan, that's where you can find one too :)

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  3. I should add that Neil "turns off" the cat's tail because it kinda freaks him out -- think he feels like he's being watched. With the eyes and the tail going back and forth, back and forth...and that sinister smile on its is a little freaky if you look at it long enough or at various angles!