Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awkwardness in Jerusalem

Here are some awkward photos from Jerusalem:

 Taken at the Tomb of the Prophets. We didn't have flashlights with us so we had to use candles so we could see. 

We got to walk though Hezekiah's Tunnel on Monday for out Field Trip. This was a happy/sad field trip because it was our last field trip with Bother Harper. At some points in the tunnel the water was up to our knees. We got soaked, but we had a good time. At one pointed we decided it would be cool to try to walk in the dark so we turned off our flashlights and attempted  to walk. It was dark and I ran into the wall.

We were attempting to look like a fountain. I think it looks like we're pukeing.

We met the coolest lady at this church she was a Christian from Iraq. She worked as a Math teacher and then one day decided to come to Jerusalem to serve God. She told us all about the church and showed us the Upper Room and also sang for us. It was a lovely afternoon.

We went snorkeling in the Red Sea. Check out my awesome grandma swimsuit 

I set up with lovely table display with Jamie, then we took an awkward photo with it. 

At the Israel museum we saw lots of really cool things and had lots of fun doing it. I also discovered that my pink and white shirt photographs very poorly. 

Nathan and I shared a maple apple waffle at The Waffle  Bar. We decided to take a picture with our waffle before we consumed it. 

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