Saturday, July 7, 2012

Canada Day

July 1st was Canada Day, and since I am never in Canada on Canada Day I have become good at forcing non-Canadians to celebrate with me. My mom sent me an awesome package filled with Canada Day decorations and I enlisted the help of some tall friends to help me make the JC look awesome.

The student notice board. Note that sign that says "C's get degrees"
Outside of the Oasis
Karen and Alvin helped me set everything up
We decorated the Oasis
Some Canadian pride above the utensils 
This was the only "Canadian pose' we could think of. Also, I have not gotten shorter Karen and Alvin are just really tall.
Amy showed off her juggling skills
So festive 
Karen rocked the socks and sandals
 Canada tattoos
Canada sunburn

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  1. Dana - I am so proud of you for keeping up our beautiful Canadian Traditions ;) haha
    I wish you blogged like five times a day... because I always want to read more about whats going on in Jerusalem!